Bohuslav Martinů
Piano Recital and Drawings

Michal Mašek

My profound relationship with Bohuslav Martinů began to form when I was a boy. I remember that his music fascinated me from the very first pieces I played. The first was Columbine Dances from the cycle Puppets and then Etudes and Polkas, where I felt something extraordinary and warm. A greater level of understanding; I can say now emotional and intellectual harmony. I knew from the first moment that Martinů would have a unique place in my repertoire; I did not have to find my way to him or to become mature enough for him as the case was with my other favourite composers of the
twentieth century. In my enthusiasm to get to know the composer’s soul better and better, I gradually extended my repertoire with more pieces, tried to learn his entire music, whether symphonic, chamber, opera or song music, and I gathered any and all information available. Even though I do not share the opinion that the life of a composer explains his music, I believe that it is useful to know such information and that it may unveil unknown connections. In my search, I found out how humorous Martinů’s drawings and comments were. I had known that there were one or two drawings on posters or CD covers, but finding out that there are more than two hundred of them was an exciting discovery. When I held the original of the composer’s sketchbook in my hands, it was an unforgettable experience for me, and I realised how unique Martinů is among the world’s composers and what a pity it is that so few people actually know about this hobby of his. To me, the drawings I discovered meant further enrichment and a more extensive and deeper
knowledge of Martinů as a person who was extraordinarily witty and intelligent, and they made it possible for me to gain an insight into his soul from a different perspectve. The drawings of Bohuslav Martinů led to the idea of preparing a special edition of the right tunes. Compositions sorted in the form of a recital with three encores represent all the important style periods of the composer. The key to their selection was very simple – they are my favourites.

Michal Mašek

Complete Recital include Encores presenting over 65 minutes of music

Bonus track contains World Premiere Recording – Victorious March of the R.U.R Sports Club of Polička

Deluxe Book format contains the most of composer’s drawings

Special extended Commentary about Drawings and Pieces
Recording Dates — February 13–14, 2011 / Recording Venue — Teldex Studio Berlin / Piano Technician — Serge Poulain / Executive Producer — Michal Mašek / Recording Producer and Engineer (Tonmeister) — Rainer Maillard / Recorded, edited and mastered by — Emil Berliner Studios

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